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The new Hot and Cold Undersink Filter System available is the new, sleek way to provide you and your business with high quality, purifed water without breaking the bank.

  • High Capacity & Efficient Recovery
  • Under-Counter Installation
  • Metal-Cast Designer LED Faucet
  • Automatic Sleep Mode

Product Features

The Undersink Hot & Cold System is capable of providing high capacity of hot and cold water for commercial usage. Efficient recovery rates minimise the wait time when the water tanks have been emptied;

  • Recovery time required for hot water: 10 mins (to 95°C)
  • Recovery time required for cold water: 15 mins (to 15°C)

Automatic Sleep Mode

To Ensure the most energy saved, the Undersink Hot & Cold System automatically enter Sleep Mode when the system is inactive for the preset period of time (2hrs~16hrs). Sleep Mode is designed to suspend all energy consuming functions, such as chilling or boiling, until it is awoken at the touch of any button.

Filter Replacement Notification

Frequent filter replacement not only ensures clean drinking water, it also prolongs the lifetime of the system. Equipped with our Everclear H105 Filter, the Hydropac+ notifies users to replace the filter cartridge based on the preset replacement period of between 6-12 months. We highly recommend to replace the filter at least every 12 months.

Filter Replacement Check

With the Undersink Hydropac+, you can check the remaining days to when the filter should be replaced and plan the time available for the Free Service ahead of time.

Adjustable Temperature

Hit & Cold water provided by the Undersink Hydropac+ can be adjusted and maintained based on your requirement.

  • Hot temperature setting: 98°C, 95°C, 90°C
  • Cold Temperature setting: 10°C – 20°C


A simple touch of a button activates the boiling system for high temperature water anytime.

For frequent users, the Undersink Hydropac+ has the ability to learn and memorise the volume you wish to continuously dispense. Once memorised, the Undersink Hydropac+ will dispense the exact volume each time Continuous Dispense is activated.


Upon the completion of installation, a recurring monthly invoice arrangement will be emailed out to the appointed email address. Also, the service technician will request the Credit Card to process the payments, to be added to your account. Your Credit Card Details are saved and encrypted on Secure Servers to help minimise any potential fraudulent issues to occur. Your information will only be used to process any outstanding balances every month only.


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