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HYDROPAC+ Under Counter Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

the HYDROPAC+ is capable of provide a very high capacity of hot & cold water for commercial usage. Efficient recovery rates minimise the waiting time when the water tanks have been emptied.

Recovery time required for hot water: 10 minutes (to 95°C)
Recovery time required for cold water: 15 minutes (to 15°C)

To ensure complete energy saving, HYDROPAC+ automatically enters sleep mode when the system is inactive for a preset period of time. This can be configured once installation is complete. Sleep mode is designed to suspend all energy consuming functions, such as chilling or boiling until is is woken at the touch of any button.

Frequent filter replacement not only ensures clean drinking water, it also prolongs the lifetime of the product. Equipped with a DUAL-PURPOSE Super-Refined Activated Carbon Filter, HYDROPAC+notifies the user to replace these filters every 12 months.

with HYDROPAC+, you can check the remaining days to when the filter should be replaced and plan your purchases accordingly.

Hot & Cold water provided by the HYDROPAC+ can be adjusted and maintained based on your requirement.

Hot temperature setting: 90°C – 98°C
Cold temperature setting: 10°C – 20°C

A simple touch of a button activates the boiling system for high temperature water anytime.

For frequent users, HYDROPAC+ has the ability to learn and memorise the volume of water you wish to continuously dispense. Once memorised, HYDROPAC+ will dispense the exact amount each time Continuous Dispense is activated.

Installation Diagram

Product Specifications

Power : 230V 50Hz
Consumption: Hot Water: 2400W | Cold Water: 300W
Amps: 15A (Requires a 15A Circuit)
Tank Volume: Hot: 4.8L | Cold: 2L
Capacity: Hot: 43L/hr | Cold 82L/hr
Panel Material: Laminated Colour Metal
Tap Material: Metal Cast Faucet with 304 Stainless Steel piping | Strengthened Acrylic Interface Panel
Installation: Under Counter
Colour: Dispener in White | Faucet in Metallic Silver with Polished Finish

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 53 × 53 × 63 cm

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