Specialising in water filter and purification systems for the Perth Metro & Western Australian communities. Having over 15 years combined experience, Crystal Water knows quality. Clean, Pure, & Chemical free, the way water should be!


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Golden Bay WA 6173

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Water Dispensers now available!

Crystal Waters Freestanding and Counter Top Water Dispensers are the best way to provide an unlimited amount of Clean, Pure & Chemical free water to your office, without having to buy! No lock-in contract, free installation and free yearly servicing.

Two lease options are available for purification:

Option 1:
Option 2:

Both options come fitted with a Pressure Limiting Valve. This protects the system from any potential surges in water pressure and also maintains the best flow for your Filtration or Purification unit.

With NO INSTALLATION FEE, FREE YEARLY SERVICING and NO LOCK-IN CONTRACT, the Crystal Water Free Standing Cool & Cold System is perfect for any office. Secure one today!

1. Select your Purification Type:

Twin Stage Filtration, Three Stage Reverse Osmosis

2. Select your type of Dispenser

Counter Top, Free Standing

3. Hot & Cold or Cool & Cold?

Hot & Cold, Cool & Cold

4. Select your Colour

Black, White


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