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Commercial Reverse Osmosis 34000LPD

The Commercial Reverse Osmosis 34000LPD (litres per day) is a fully automated system that is designed for water with low to medium hardness and a TDS below 2500 ppm. It will supply approximately 34000 litres of purified water in a 24 hour period.

This system may require a water sample to be provided and a criteria to be met prior to purchase and installation.

The Commercial Reverse Osmosis 34000LPD System is ideal for small-scale Commercial and Industrial applications.
[su_spoiler title=”Specifications:”]

• Power: 220V 60Hz Single-Phase
• 6 x 1500G Commercial Reverse Osmosis Membrane
• 2 x Oil-filled Pressure Pumps
• 2 x Mechanical Flow Meters
• 1 x Fully-automatic Reverse Osmosis Controller 
• 1 x Variable Waste Gate
• 4hp Multi-Stage Pump
• Open Style Frame
• Pre-Filtration: 2 x 20″ ‘Big Blue’ Style Filters[/su_spoiler]

For any other information or any questions prior to purchasing, click here or contact us on (08) 6244 1300.

Dimensions790 x 770 x 1420 cm


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