Why use an Aircraft Washing System?

Corrosion is a huge concern when it comes to routine cleaning of aircraft. From Intergranular to Filiform corrosion, using hard or bore water to clean your aircraft can speed up corrosion to a point where removing the corrosion and re-painting can cost thousands of dollars!

Using Reverse Osmosis water to clean your aircraft will not only give you the correct pH and purest quality of water available, but will also minimise these kinds of corrosion, resulting in a longer lasting paint job, saving you money!

Crystal Water’s Aircraft Washing System has been designed with this in mind. Being compact and easy to use, this system can be used almost anywhere with a vast range of applications.

Using both a High-Flow Reverse Osmosis system and a high pressure washer with an in-built detergent dispenser, the Aircraft Washing system can not only be used for Aircraft, but can also be used for a large range of automotive vehicles from cars, to bikes.

Supply 3 liters a minute, the Aircraft Cleaning System can fill up a multitude of tank and containers. The high pressure washer can draw water from these places without the need for any pressure.

Aircraft washing System Specifications:

  • High Flow Reverse Osmosis System supplying over 4,500 liters over 24 hours.
  • High pressure washer with 3 minute duty cycle.
  • Supplied with a 9 liter storage tank.
  • Off-road trolley supplied.
  • Cartridge replacements available on request.
Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 150 × 70 × 65 cm


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