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Undersink UV System

3 Stage Undersink UV Tank, Dam & Bore water system, Crystal Water has done extensive research to find a solution to problems associated with tank water filtration. Rated to 100 psi (700 kpa)

The traditional method of using a ceramic cartridge don’t work very well as they can block (Bio-Film) in as little as 3 weeks.

We supplied many combinations of various under sink UV filters free to some of our customers around Australia to find an effective system that was economical to run and it works. using a polyspun 1 micron (nominal) sediment filter first, then a 14 watt UV sterilizer and a Matrikx pB1  carbon cartridge for chemical and heavy metals removal.

The real problem with un-chlorinated water is the presence of harmful bacteria and Giardia Cysts, the traditional method of using very fine filters is that they are a strainer and don’t kill harmful elements so they accumulate in the system alive and can multiply.

We know this approach is not the cheapest way but it is the most effective and in the long run cheaper to operate. UV Light, Aqua-Pro 14 watt ultraviolet stainless steel sterilizer model 170 , flow rate 5,500 litres per day (3.8 litres per minute) , UV output 16.7 u/cm , 14 watt at 24 volts (includes ballast)

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 40 cm


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