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High Water Flow

Inculded is a 400 Gallon Reverse Osmosis Membrane, supply up to 1.2L/min of purified water per day. That’s about 1700L/day.

Built-in Purity Meter

See at a glance how well your system is performing with the Built-in Totally Dissolved Solids Meter. Never worry again!

Auto Flushing

Fully Automatic Flushing

Forget having to remember to flush th membrane to keep it operating well. the Aquiflo system is fully automatic.

Integrated Water Manifold

Integrated water Mainfold

Buy worry-free with the Integrated Water Manifold. No Internal Tubing to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Set and Forget.

Why Business and Home Owners choose Crystal Water

Being one of Perth’s Premier and Local Water Filtraion and Purification Specialists, Crystal Water knows the lay of the land when it comes to Water Quality in both the Metro and Rural Areas of Western Australia. Based in Karnup, Crystal Water has Multiple options for Water Coolers, Water Dispensers and Just Water Purifcations to Lease and Rent. These Systems all deliver clean, freash and pure water without breaking the bank!

Multi-Touch Panel for Easy Operation

With the Multi-Touch Panel for the Aquiflo Slimline Reverse Osmosis, you can be shown the following:

  • Purification Status
  • Service life remaining for Filters
  • Purifying Status

Ultra-Low Waste Water Ratio

Standard Reverse Osmosis System can have a Waste Water Ratio of 3 to 1 or even 4 to 1 (that’s 3 or 4 litres of waste to 1 litre of purified water). With the Aquiflo Reverse Osmosis System, this is brought all the way down to a 1 to 1 ratio! Tha’s right! for every 1 Litre of Waste Water that is produced, 1 Litre of Purified Water is Produced, resulting in significant water and evergy savings!

    Fully Integrated Water Manifold

    Utilising a Water Manifold instead of runing tubing everywhere results in not only less connectors and an overall smaller footprint of the Aquiflow Reverse Osmosis System, this also significantly reduces the risk of any water leakages! Plus with the added bonus of having both and Internal AND External Leak Detector on the System, you can be rest-assured knowing you are covered from all aspects of potential risks.

      Bayonet-Style Filter Cartridges

      We wanted to make sure the Aquiflo Reverse Osmosis System would be easy for anyone to maintain themselves. Why get someone out to change the filters when you can DIY! The Bayonet Style Filter Cartridges are easy to remove and can be easily recycled!

      Multi-Stage Reverse Osmosis

      Why have heaps of stages on a Reverse Osmosis System when each stage should be doing a specific job by itself. The Auiflow Reverse Osmosis System is designed so each filter removed speicif contaminants from the water. No need for multiple filters doing the same job.

        Fully NSF Certified Membrane

        The Aquiflo Reverse Osmosis uses the latest Cellulose Acetate Membrane Technology. Classic Style Membranes still use TFC Technology. While Still effective at removing contaminants from the water, they produce more waste and are more vulnerable to Chlorine that is not effectively removed, becoming destroyed fromit. Cellulose Acetate Reverse Osmosis Membranes are Hardier, more Efficient, and produce more Purified Water for your Home.

        Designed with Space Saving in Mind

        Measuring at only 106mm and not requiring a Tank for operation, the Aquiflo Reverse Osmosis System can fit in almost any space!

          Enjoy Fresh, Purified Water 24/7

          See Purification at a Glance

          DIY Water FIlter Replacement

          Easy 1:1 Water Ratio

          Multi-Stage Purification

          Fully Integrated Water Manifold

          Fully NSF Certified Membrane

          Purchasing our Aquiflow Reverse Osmosis is so simple!

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          Aquiflo Reverse Osmosis System Includes Standard Installation

          $1,549.00 inc. GST

          4 x fortnightly payments of $387.25 learn more

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          Utilising the latest in Reverse Osmosis Technology, our Compact, Tankless Reverse Osmosis System will remove 95-99.99% of all impurities in your drinking and cooking water.


          Product Manual

          System comes with:

          • Aquiflo Reverse Osmosis System
          • 304 Stainless Steel Tap
          • Water Diverter Kit
          • External Leak Detector and Filter Monitor
          • Waste Ring
          • Tubing & Fittings For connections
          • Power Supply
          • Full 1 Year Manufacturer warranty (That’s us!)

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