5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System Inc Standard Installation

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For the best in Water Purification, the 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis will remove 95-99.9% of both Chemicals and Totally Dissolved Solids from your drinking and cooking water.

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5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

These 5 stage Reverse Osmosis systems will remove all chemicals, chlorine, dangerous by-product chemicals. This system also blocks parasites and e-coli and reduce the totally dissolved solids (TDS) by 95% to 98%. Some of the TDS removed are:

• Fluoride
• Copper
• Iron
• Cadmium
• Arsenic
• Calcium
• Sodium.

There is also is an alkalising cartridge for those who would like to put back all the healthy minerals.

Being very compact in design, the 5 stage Reverse Osmosis system can easily fit under almost any kitchen sink. It comes complete with a 5 stage Reverse Osmosis purification housing kit, pressure limiting valve, auto shut-off valve, a non-return valve, a 15 Lt storage tank, plus a stylish faucet.

5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System Process

• This Pre-filter removes things like sand and fine sediment. We use a 1 micron polyspun sediment cartridge. These filters are manufactured by Aqua-win. This company is the one of the largest manufacturers in the World.

• A Coconut Carbon Purifying Cartridge must be used, when the water being supplied to the unit is chlorinated. As the membrane is organic based, chlorine can damage the membrane very quickly. Filmtec membranes are tolerant of about 1 gram of chlorine before it starts to damage the membrane. This doesn’t sound like very much, but the chlorine injected into mains water supplies is a gas not a liquid so 1 gram is a lot. The Coconut Carbon Purifier removes the chlorine that could damage the membrane, which in our units is a 1 micron Coconut carbon block Purifying cartridge made by King-Pro Carbon Industries. King-Pro Carbon Industries is one of the the largest manufacturers of this type of cartridge in the World.

• The membranes in our water purification systems are the Aqua-win brand. Aqua-win is one of the industry leaders due to their faster flow rate at lower pressures, higher rejection rates and longer lasting often as much as 2 to 3 times as long. Aqua-win membranes are a TFC (thin film composite) membrane that has a reputation for resistance to bacteria and chemicals. Our domestic membrane come in a 300 liters per day production, which is achieved at 350 kpa (50 psi) pressure at 25 degrees water temperature. If the pressure is higher, the production rate is faster. If water temperatures drop below the 25 degrees the production rate will slow.

Crystal Water offers this alkaline cartridge to give you a guaranteed PH of 8.5 to 9.5. and a ORP oxidation reducing potential of -200 to -300.

This alkaline cartridge should be replaced every 12 – 24 months depending on water usage for maximum benefit. Small trace element amounts of potassium, magnesium and calcium will also be added back into your drinking water for better health and well-being. This cartridge is specially designed to promote a balanced pH water with improved Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) utilizing earth mineral without undesirable tastes associated with high pH balanced water treatment systems.

• A 9 litre tank (usable volume) is made of 304 stainless steel anywhere the water can touch metal. The company that makes these tanks make an unbelievable 80,000 reverse osmosis storage tanks a day.

• A Carbon-filled Polishing filter is placed just before the tap to increase oxygenation in the water to ensure there is no funny stagnant taste coming from the water.

• Our filter housings are made by Aqua-win Watertec, engineered in the U.S.A. Watertec housings we use in the systems is a full skirt ¼” ported 10 inch (9-3/4″) housing.

•Our reverse osmosis Purifiers also include a long-reach, lead-free water Purifier faucet manufactured by Tomlinson in the U.S.A. These faucets are made from Stainless Steel. There are other models of faucets available as an upgrade, Starting from $69.00.

• When you buy a Reverse Osmosis purifier from us we include all the component parts, including fittings, an automatic shut-off valve, inlet and drain saddles, and 3 meters of tubing.

NSF Standards Our Reverse Osmosis Systems Exceeded

The NSF acronym stands for National Sanitation Foundation which is a non profit organization that operates worldwide, it is the World’s leading certification authority for food products.

The NSF standard 42 is a certification ensuring the materials that the item is constructed from doesn’t contain any contaminating chemicals and the like.

NSF standard 53 is for certification for Cyst removal like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. A cartridge that is rated with this certification, will remove Cysts.

This Standard is to certify the system is reverse osmosis, not all membranes are in fact reverse osmosis, sometimes you will find membranes offered that are low pressure operating down to as low as 20 psi, these are not reverse osmosis membranes but Ultra filtration membrane, the membranes we sell are all reverse osmosis membranes to NSF standard 58.