The Good Health Benefites of Pure Water for the Aged

Good Health

Water is an essential element in the search for good health as we age and in the battle against the effects of ageing. For the aged it is nature’s best anti-ageing shield. Pure water, especially that produced by a reverse osmosis water purification system:

  • Protects cardiovascular health by lowering blood viscosity
  • Is linked to pain relief, especially for arthritis and joint pain
  • Keeps the brain in top working condition by avoiding dehydration
  • Promotes the removal of toxins and excess glucose and insulin from the body, and facilitates weight loss.

Beverages like soft drinks, tea and coffee add calories to your diet without the benefits derived from water and some actually act as a diuretic and remove fluid from the body.
The elderly have low water reserves compared to younger people. Water loss through sweat is the body’s cooling system during physical activity and in hot weather. Sweat loss needs to be compensated for with pure water intake to avoid dangerous dehydration – a killer condition for elderly people.. Mild dehydration can influence cognitive function and affect concentration, alertness, short-term memory and mood, especially in the elderly. While not a remedy, it can aid in the relief of constipation.
It is necessary for the filtration of body waste and it assists the kidneys in regulating water balance and blood pressure as well as removing waste from the blood stream and excreting it through the urine. Mild dehydration can often lead to headaches and in these cases drinking pure water may provide relief.
It can reduce the risk of developing painful stones in the urinary tract (kidneys, bladder, and urethra).
While it is unlikely that drinking water will defeat the effects of genetics, the sun and other environmental damage and prevent wrinkles and the other signs of ageing, it is beneficial in maintaining skin and overall body hydration. You may not get the ‘glowing complexion’ promised in the magazines but your skin will benefit and you will feel better.

How will a pure water supply in your home help with anti-aging?

That chemicals and impurities are found in the ‘safe’ water reticulated into our homes is beyond doubt, but how can the commonly found ones impact upon our appearance?
Chlorine is a very common chemical deliberately added to our water supply to kill the bacteria found in the water sources and water storage areas and facilities. Unfortunately, the more bacteria present and the more virulent the bacteria, the more chlorine that must be added to make the water safe. In some areas the concentration of added chlorine is so high that you can smell it as you turn on the tap. In such areas you can come out of a shower smelling like you have spent hours in the local swimming pool. Whether we like it or not chlorine is a poison!

Apart from being a poison, the action of it upon our body has many undesirable effects, and especially so as we age and our skin and hair is not as youthful as it used to be.
The effects of very low doses of chlorine on the skin include dryness, irritation, itchiness and an imbalance of natural, healthy bacteria on the skin. More serious effects include psoriasis and eczema.

Our hair is especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of this chlorine in our shower water as it draws the natural lubricating sebum from the hair follicles leaving the hair dry and ‘lifeless’. Chlorine is far more damaging to hair that has been coloured, permed, or otherwise chemically treated and exposing this already ‘damaged’ hair to chlorine in the shower water can have devastating effects.

Apart from these fairly obvious undesirable effects of chlorine in our water there is evidence linking ingestion of and exposure to chlorine treated water to a range of respiratory and cardiovascular problems,
If our “safe’ water supply is the problem – Water purification is the answer.
Crystal Water has a range of water filters and water purification systems that will deal with the problems caused by the chlorine, other chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogens present in our water supply, giving you pure water. In the not so distant past reverse osmosis water purification was an exceedingly expensive option, but it is now not as expensive as you might have been lead to believe.