Fluoride in Water Supplies

WHAT IS FLUORIDE? There are many theories when it comes to the Fluoride in water supplies. We have been told for many years (since 1968 in Western Australia) that fluoride treatment in water will help prevent dental caries. Although in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia, individual shires determine whether or not [...]
Good Health and anti-aging with Pure Water

Good Health and anti-aging with Pure Water

The Good Health Benefites of Pure Water for the Aged Water is an essential element in the search for good health as we age and in the battle against the effects of ageing. For the aged it is nature’s best anti-ageing shield. Pure water, especially that produced by a reverse osmosis water purification system: Protects [...]
Water Quality Affects Herbicides Efficacy

Water Quality Affects Herbicides Efficacy

The water quality used in spray tanks can affect herbicides efficacy. Water is the primary carrier for herbicide applications. In fact, it usually makes up over 99% of the spray solution. Considering that, it should be no surprise that the chemistry of water added to the spray tank greatly impacts herbicide effectiveness. Weak acid herbicides  Acids [...]

Weight loss with pure water

The water - weight loss connection Water is one of the most essential needs of our body. Without water, we become dehydrated which impacts our body’s condition, hindering weight loss and well-being and in extreme cases can cause death. While most of us will drink water at various times during the day, is it enough? [...]

Pregnancy and healthy, pure water

The importance of healthy water in pregnancy and for your baby. Pregnancy is often a time when you start to question many things and how they may impact you and the wonderful baby growing inside you. It is a time when your priority is to ensure your baby is given the very best start to [...]