Fluoride in Water Supplies

WHAT IS FLUORIDE? There are many theories when it comes to the Fluoride in water supplies. We have been told for many years (since 1968 in Western Australia) that fluoride treatment in water will help prevent dental caries. Although in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia, individual shires determine whether or not [...]
Water Quality Affects Herbicides Efficacy

Water Quality Affects Herbicides Efficacy

The water quality used in spray tanks can affect herbicides efficacy. Water is the primary carrier for herbicide applications. In fact, it usually makes up over 99% of the spray solution. Considering that, it should be no surprise that the chemistry of water added to the spray tank greatly impacts herbicide effectiveness. Weak acid herbicides  Acids [...]
Water Quality Affects Herbicides Efficacy

Healthy Water Tips

What is the range of pH in Healthy Water?   The pH range is measured from 0-14 with 7 being neutral. The lower the pH reading the higher the acidic content is. The higher the pH reading the more alkaline the content is. (see graph) Your body's  pH level is extremely important for good health. Your [...]
Water Quality Affects Herbicides Efficacy

Filtration Spectrum Table

Filtration Spectrum The filtration spectrum diagram shows the relative sizes of materials that may be commonly found in reticulated and farm water supplies and the processes that are required for their removal from the water. The water purification systems supplied and installed by Crystal Water Australia incorporate: pre-process filtration to remove sediments and organic contaminants, [...]

The Douglas Report on Chlorine

Chlorine - A Clear and Present Danger in Our Water Supply Chlorine was used as a poison gas in World War 1 and as a chemical weapon during the Iraq War. It’s the primary ingredient in bleach and disinfectants and is also used to make plastics, insecticides, dry cleaning solvents and metal degreasers. Studies have [...]