The water – weight loss connection

Water is one of the most essential needs of our body. Without water, we become dehydrated which impacts our body’s condition, hindering weight loss and well-being and in extreme cases can cause death.

While most of us will drink water at various times during the day, is it enough? How much water do we really need to drink daily?

Healthy Weight Loss = Water Weight Loss

How do I lose weight in a healthy way with water weight loss? 

Recent health news says that drinking pure water is the beginning of your weight loss journey. Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water and it is an essential aid to our digestion, appetite control, energy, body detox, weight loss and general good health. Often we think we are hungry but our body is actually fluid deficient. So if you can start drinking at least 8 glasses (2 Litres) of purified water a day you will feel your energy levels increase and your desire to snack will decrease.  For best results you should drink 2 glasses just before your main meals.

With pure water you are on your way to good health and healthy weight loss!

Why purified water? 

When you drink water it flushes through every part of your body, like a big wash cycle before it’s excreted from you. If your water is contaminated with chemicals like chlorine, ammonia, aluminium sulphate, lime, lead, mercury, arsenic, herbicides and pesticides to name just a few, you are sending a chemical cocktail through every vital organ during the rehydration process. That can’t be beneficial to your health or aid you in your weight loss journey. Removing the contaminating chemicals and metals from your water before you drink it is the answer – reverse osmosis water purification is the way to go. Call Crystal Water to find out about reverse osmosis and the water filtration and water purification systems that the company can install to meet your pure water needs.

How do chemicals inhibit my weight loss?

Few people would argue that modern diets are not as good as they could be and that they tend to be fat  and sugar rich, highly processed and contain an amazing array of chemicals and chemical preservatives. When you add to this the chemical load that we are exposed to in the wider environment every day, it is easy to see how our body pH moves into the acidic range – a toxic situation that inhibits overall good health. As we have discussed elsewhere, the human body was never designed to process and eliminate these chemicals.  As it struggles to correct the pH imbalance it dilutes and binds the blood acid with the fats from our diet which are subsequently stored as fatty deposits around our organs and body tissues. This is an on-going process and explains why so many ‘diets’ are ineffective and fail and why many people end up with health ailments caused by fatty organs and obesity.


The not-so-secret answer to weight loss is that, along with a proper exercise regime, you must address the body’s acid state by eating an alkaline diet (see the chart above) and drinking purified water. In this way you assist your body to neutralise the acid and as the pH returns to the ideal range it is safe for your body to let go of the “protective layers” of fat. This is an essential step on the way to healthy and effective weight loss.

It is your decision to take this essential step.  Crystal Water can help by explaining how reverse osmosis water purification works, why it is the best water purification technology available, and why obtaining pure water from your taps it is much cheaper than you have been lead to believe.