Top 5 reasons to drink purified water

Top 5 reasons to drink purified water

There are many reason to drink Purified Water. Here are Crystal Water’s TOP 5 reasons why you should purify your water at home:

1. You and your Families well-being

Our bodies are made up of over 70% water, meaning it is one of the most essential elements for a healthy life. The water you drink visits every cell in your body, so you want it to be chemical free. Crystal water has a wide variety of purification systems to remove the huge number of chemicals present in the water supply, giving you water that is clean and purified.

Families well-being
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2. It's the Greener Way to go!

65% of plastic bottles purchased end up in land fill every year! Not to mention the carbon emissions used to transport the empty water bottles across Australia. Drink purified water from our Purification Systems will not only help you, but you are helping the environment as well.

3. Save yourself Money!

It is a known fact that bottled water is more expensive than petrol per litre. Studies have shown that a large percentage of this is in some cases no better than tap water. Why waste time and money lugging these bottles back and forth from the grocery stores? Purified water saves money and is a healthy alternative.

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4. No More Chemicals!

With the increase of recycled sewerage in the water supply, comes the increased risk of bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia and nasty pathogens. More chemicals are being used to treat your this to remove these horrible things from the water. Not one of the chemicals used is good for your health! Purifying your water is the best way to not only remove your exposure to this List of chemicals, but also remove the risk of infection from any of these other bacteria and viruses.

5. Reduce your Cancer Risk!

Chlorine is added to our Scheme supply to combat bacteria, however it has been directly linked to many forms of cancer as well as birth defects, heart problems and asthma. Removing Hazardous Chemicals like Chlorine will drastically reduce your risk of cancer.

Chlorine in Water