John Guest Style Push-Fit Fittings

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Super Speedfit push-in fittings have been designed for a wide range of industrial applications. They provide a fast and secure way of connecting tubes and offer considerable advantages over conventional fittings.

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John Guest Style Push-Fit Fittings

Our John Guest Style Push-fit Fittings and related products are specifically designed and manufactured to our speficitaions. All John Guest Style fittings and related products should be selected, installed, used and maintained in accordance with these Specifications. It is the customer’s/user’s responsibility to ensure that the push-fit fittings and related products are suitable for their intended applications, are properly installed and maintained and are used in accordance with the Technical Specifications. It is also the customer’s/user’s responsibility to provide its own customers with all relevant technical information about these products it supplies them. If you have any questions about our technical specifications, please contact us.


  • Push-fit technology
  • Quick disconnection without the need for tools
  • Food Quality and suitable for potable liquids
  • Suitable for soft metal or plastic tubes
  • Suitable for air or inert gases
  • Superior flow characteristics

LDPPE Tubing

Our Tubing is produced from an advanced grade of low density polypropolyene. It’s greatest advantage is having superior environmental stress cracking resistance, greatly exceeding that of ordinary polyethylene tubing as measured.

Environmental stresses that can shorten the service life of tubing include:

  • Chemical Exposure
  • Aging connections with barb-type fittings
  • High vibration loads with connection to compression fittings

This tubing is suitable for use with most push-fit fittings.

Additional information

Fitting / Tube Type:

LLDPE Tubing, Tee Union, Two-Way Divider, Female Adapter, Male Adapter, Tap Adapter, Union Connection, Male Elbow Adapter, Elbow Union, Male Tee Swivel, Tank Ball Valve, Hand Valve Union, Locking Clip

Thread / Tube Size:

1/4", 1/2", 3/8", 7/16"

Connector Tube Size:

1/4", 3/8", 1/2"


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